Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Happy Space

One of my latest crafty ventures happens to be the very room I craft in.  This room has lacked purpose for a long time ... it's the smallest of our bedrooms, but it's upstairs next to the master, so it always seems to be in a state of transition (nice phrase for office clutter catch-call).  But finally, a purpose!

I've taken on quite a bit of freelance design work on top of my full-time work, so I needed a real office space for myself ... a place where I can close the door and concentrate.  So, along with the necessary office basics, why not fill it with everything creative and inspirational?!  Including the chalk board wall where I can remind myself to keep going and growing, my sewing machine, my stamping creation station, and, last but not least, a TV for ME.  I love it ...

Matt built me an amazing table to fit the space (you should have seen us trying to get it into the room!)
We found the plans at

I've tried to be creative in my storage solutions as well.  I used a re-purposed loaf pan to conveniently display my most-used spools of ribbon and a glass cookie jar holds the rest.

A rolling crate makes the perfect 12x12 paper storage.  I can roll it anywhere and easily find any paper I'm looking for.  Baskets and shelving magically hide all the paint brushes, stickers, craft projects, etc.

But ... with all the things I love about this space, one thing tops them all - the fact that Morgan loves it too.  She's in here constantly.  It's a place where she can come and be free to create.  It's the gathering place for her and her friends too.  I hope that continues for years to come ...

Happy crafting!

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