Saturday, February 5, 2011

Menu Display Board

I've always considered food an art.  I love to cook and I absolutely love menu planning.  I didn't use to ... I used to dread going to the store.  But in the transition of stay-at-home mom to working full time I had to do something.  I came up with a system of menus - each having a matching grocery list.  It required a small commitment of sitting down and planning a week at a time, but once I had 8 weeks it was easy.  I'd grab week two menu, with week two grocery list and dash to the store!  I used the same menus, but shuffled them so we never ate things in the same pattern.  Every once in a while, I sit down and add a new week.  It's great if you don't have a lot of time to put into planning, but still want to give your family a home cooked meal.

The other day my friend Becca called with an amazing idea - a menu board.  What a perfect idea to display my weekly menus!  Easy enough to design the template and place it in a frame, but I needed something a little more jazzy - I have a hard time leaving things white.  So I grabbed my stamps and went to work!

  • An 8x10" frame ... it can be re-purposed (I got mine at the thrift store and spray painted it white)
  • Coloured cardstock and patterned paper - I used Stampin' Up Thoroughly Modern Designer Paper and Old Olive Cardstock
  • Stamps - flowers, butterflies, medallions, etc. - I used the Stampin' Up Medallion and Vintage Label set
  • Buttons, ribbon or other decorative elements - I used skinny hemp and Stampin' Up Button Latte
  • Ink pads - I used Stampin' Up Old Olive and Early Expresso 
  • Craft glue - My favourite is Zap Dry.
Download and print Menu Template

Stamp and embellish as desired.  I cut my page down a little and placed it on a sheet of cardstock for a matte effect.
Glue embellishments on top of the glass for a layered look.
I also glued some cardstock onto my frame to give it a little more colour.
Use any dry erase marker to display your menu on the glass - I'll be buying a brown one next time I go to the store since the red is a little too funky for my taste.

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  1. I love it how you give the instructions and how-to so others can duplicate your wonderful, creative ideas. Keep it up!