Thursday, March 7, 2013

Recipe Roll #1

This week has been a particularly busy week in our house (it's graphic design crunch time), which hasn't left much time for creativity around the house.  I thrive on innovation in the kitchen, but I also need a balance of simplicity now and then.  In those moments I turn to Pinterest!  I quickly snap screenshots of a few chosen recipes on my Pinterest app and zip to the store.

I used to have a Pinterest folder dedicated to recipes I've tried and loved ... but it got too big ... and a little lost with my other folders.  So ... I thought I'd start a sort of "Recipe Roll" here so I can share, what I consider, the yummy stuff I make when time is tight.

Monday we tried Veggie Laksa (Coconut Curry Soup) from Considering the Campbells.

It was really good!  A bit zippy, but we like it a little spicy.
Things I will do differently next time I make this so it's easier to eat:
  1. chop the veggies instead of slice
  2. break up my rice noodles into pieces
  3. double the recipe 
Tuesday we tried Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers from Peace + Love + Low Carb.

They were amazing.  I don't eat beef very often (really never), especially lunch meat ... but when I do, I use Castle Wood Reserve from Sam's Club (gluten-free).

I served these stuffed peppers with Trader Joe's Basmati Rice Medley made quickly in the rice cooker.  Next time I think I'll add this cooked rice into the pepper with the meat mixture for a full meal-in-one.
Wednesday we had chopped salad topped with with hard boiled egg, rotisserie chicken, chopped veggies and gluten-free, nitrate-free bacon (again, I don't eat the bacon, but my family sure loves it!).

I served with two dressing choices: Brianna's Ranch dressing and Vidalia Onion Vinegarette dressing.  To my surprise, Morgan asked if we could have chopped salad for dinner all the time!  Um ... YES!

Thursday (today) we're having Crockpot Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup from Karen Peterson with Today's Mama.

If the inviting smell wafting through my house is any indication on how this will taste ... I know its going to be delish and can't wait!!  I modified it a bit and used gluten-free rice flour to make the rue.  I'm serving it with a simple side salad of greens and veg.

Friday I'm going to make Restaurant Style Baked Potatoes from I Wash You Dry.

I've made these before and they are awesome.  I serve with a little butter, Daisy sour cream, sharp white cheddar and green onion ... along side a simple salad.  Fast, easy ... and full of fibre!

So there you have it ... my busy week-at-a-glance menu, aka "Recipe Roll" - each meal taking 15 min or less to prepare.  Just remember, even when things are crazy busy, deadlines looming, kids are sick, friends are in crisis and your calendar is full ... you can still come out ahead and avoid eating the empty calorie, fast-food junk that marketing gurus disguise as quick dinner with just a flip through your Pinterest and a few minutes a day.  Not only will you feel better, but you'll actually have the energy to keep up with everything ... mealtime sanity simplified - nothing better. :)

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