Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recipe Roll #3

I'm so thankful for busy times.  It truly helps me appreciate when life is slow.  That being said ... it's been another crazy, busy work week in our house.  I can't help but thank the Lord for His provision and a wonderful, supportive husband  - he is such a great help to me ... my culinary inspiration. :)

When life is crazy, you don't have to eat out - in the time it takes you to "drive thru", with just a tiny bit of planning and prepping, you can have any of these family-tested meals below.  I hope that you're inspired by what you see.  I know it's hard, especially when you're busy, to plan meals ... and to follow through making them.  But the payoff is better health and more money in the bank.  Isn't that something we all hope for? 

Saturday we had Matt's favourite - Brined and Roasted Chicken Pieces by Morton Salt.

I came across this recipe on Pinterest a couple weeks ago.  I had found chicken pieces on sale, but I wasn't sure what to do with them.  I've heard a lot about brines and this seemed pretty quick and easy, so we gave it a try.  OH MY GOODNESS - the chicken turned out so juicy ... better than KFC (according to Matt) and a lot better for you!  I served with smashed red potatoes and fresh asparagus. MMM!!

Sunday we had Kirk's Famous Sushi by Not Deprived (here's their video tutorial as well) with homemade sweet chili sauce.

This is an EXCELLENT tutorial for perfect at-home sushi.  My whole family was hands-on with this one - everyone had a job!  We had so much fun ... and it was easier than I thought!

Here's our actual finished product ...

I used rice paper because I'm not a huge fan of nori (seaweed sheets) ... or anything fish for that matter, but for Matt and Morgan I added strips of honey salmon (salmon rubbed with salt, pepper and honey, then sautéd in olive oil until cooked through).

Sushi does not equal fish ... the rest of the rolls I stuffed full of only veggies and they turned out delish (just look at that picture above - YUM)!  If you like sushi, this is a must try.  It helps to have a sushi mat, but if you don't, plastic wrap seems to work ok.  Serve with fresh fruit on the side for a perfect finger food meal.

Here's the sweet chili sauce I topped the sushi with ... HUGE WIN (so much tastier than store-bought)!

Sweet Chili Sauce:
1/2 cup honey
3 heaping tablespoons sambal oelek chili paste
1 tablespoon rice vinegar

And just in case you're wondering about that chili paste, you can find it in the Asian section at most stores ... I find mine at Walmart here in Canada and Target/Meijer in the States.

Monday we tried Cheesy Quinoa Mac & Cheese from Around the Table: Loving Food in RI and Beyond

For the veggies I used a can of chopped green chilis and instead of milk I used sour cream. It turned out so yummy.  For the seasoned salt I used one of my new kitchen favourites - Herbamare.  You can find it in the natural section at most grocery stores.

I left out the suggested bread crumbs and used old white cheddar ... then served with a few fresh cut veggies.  It wasn't Morgan's favourite - I think because she's so used to the noodle texture, but it was really tasty.  I would definitely make this again - high nutrition comfort food at it's best!

Tuesday we had my mom's delicious Lean & Green Tortilla Soup.

Wednesday we tried Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches from The Pioneer Woman

What can I even say ... yes, this recipe leaves me speechless.  If you need a quick crowd-pleaser, THIS IS IT.  I used two meats (gluten-free Castle Wood Turkey Pastrami and Angus Roast Beef from Sam's Club) and sharp white cheddar on Udi's Gluten-free buns.  I put a few extras together and we used them for lunches.  I tried serving with a veg-packed salad, but sometimes only crunchy, salty chips will do ... and for that I choose Boulder Canyon Garden Select Vegetable Crisps.

Thankfully they sell giant bags of these at Sam's Club.  They rock! :)

Thursday (today) I made my Homemade Pizza, but, since I was extremely pressed for time, we tried Udi's Pizza Crusts instead of the Bob's Red Mill Mix I usually make.  You know what - we liked them WAY better!  They're thin and crispy ... I will definitely be keeping these on-hand.

Friday we are getting together with family and I plan to make my Haystacks in a Hurry.  It's a great option for a crowd ... and super easy for each person to customize according to their taste.

Happy Easter! Hope you enjoy a wonderful time with friends and family as we reflect and celebrate salvation through Jesus Christ, the only Way, Truth and Life! (John 14:6)


  1. Everything looks delicious! I am, of course, partial to the sushi, but I must give the roast beef sandwiches a try! Yum! Thanks for posting our video!

    1. You're welcome! It's by far the BEST sushi tutorial I've found! :)

  2. Awesome- thanks for the menu lists! I need to do these more often...

    I love making sushi at home too. I find it a lot easier to seal the bamboo mat in a large ziplock bag. No fiddly plastic wrap, and a clean bamboo mat every time!

    You might try adding strips of red onion and fresh spinach in your veggie rolls. The onion adds some heat, and the spinach is super fresh tasting.

    1. Yum-o! Yes ... especially the onion.
      The ziplock bag would make things so much cleaner! I'm DEFINITELY going to try that ... what a great idea! Thanks Natalie!

  3. I tried most of these recipes and loved them all! You are making meal planning more fun! Thanks for sharing!! :)
    -Megan S.-