Friday, February 1, 2013

Gluten-Free Pizza

Since starting our gluten-free challenge, the one thing we've missed the MOST is PIZZA.  We make it all year round, on hot stones ... on the bbq ... on pitas ... on homemade crusts ... but let's face it - those frozen gluten-free pizza crusts (more like discs) are less than appealing.  Even some of the mixes turn out thick, doughy and tasteless - NOT something I would put in our menu rotation ... UNTIL I took matters into my own hands with a Gluten-free Bob's Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix and a few metal pizza pans.

First of all, make the mix according to the package directions (adding the yeast, eggs, oil and water ... and let rise - I recommend using a mixer if you have one).  Then, divide the dough into three parts, forming each into a round disc.  Regardless of what they say, you will get three 12-14 inch pizzas - that's the key. 

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
Lay out a large piece of wax paper (or a couple silpats would work great too) and sprinkle with rice flour.  Then I place one of the discs in the middle and sprinkle the top with more rice flour.  Cover with another sheet of wax paper and roll out until it's evenly thin (between 12-14 in in diametre).  Don't worrry if it's not perfectly round.

Spray pizza pan with cooking spray.  Very carefully peal the top layer of wax paper off.  Place the pizza pan upside down on the dough and flip the wax paper so the dough ends up nicely on the pan ... then carefully remove the other piece of wax paper.  If little pieces get stuck, just peel them off and "glue" them back in place with a little water.  The areas of dough that hang over the pan, I cut off and "glue" into the places that don't reach the edges, so in the end I have a pretty nice circle.

Bake for 8 minutes.

Pull out and cover with a thin layer of sauce.  I love to mix my homemade pasta sauce with a little of my gluten-free Kansas City BBQ sauce - it's the perfect mix of tangy tomato with a zip!  Then I top with cheese and more toppings.  I used a really sharp white cheddar mixed with mozzarella, red onion and sun-dried tomatoes.

Bake for another 10-12 minutes or so until the cheese bubbly and starting to brown, and the edges of the crust start to brown and crisp.

Now ... this is no limp pie.  It's a crispy, thin crust ... and best of all, you can't tell one bit it's gluten-free.  It's anything but soggy or doughy ... and it browns on all sides, which is really what gives it flavour.  This Gluten-free Bob's Red Mill Pizza Dough Mix is the best I've found ... rolling it thin is key.

If you've just started a gluten-free diet, or maybe you're an old pro and just haven't found a good pizza crust worth the effort, I encourage you to try this one - it will definitely bring back that good ol' pizza night in your house again ...

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