Monday, March 7, 2011

Journaling Challenge

Challenge - that's exactly what it is!  I want to journal, but most the time I just plain forget ... and the days I do remember, I often open my journal and stare at the blank page before me - "What about today was memorable?  Ummmm ... "

BUT!  Last week I came across this little gem ...  

I haven't received it in the mail yet, but I'm ordering it - and I can't wait!  Each date poses a muse or question ... a statement that you can make about your day to help you remember where you've been and what you've experienced, such as:  "Can people change?" ... "What are you reading right now?" ... "What is the oldest thing you are wearing today?" ... "What was the last restaurant you went to?" ... "Was today typical?" ...

I don't just want to glide through life skimming the surface.  I want to be fully immersed in my days.  I will make the effort to document the good times ... and the hard ones too.  I want to live purposefully and inspired ... and when I look back, I want to see a life that paints with a million colours a clear picture of His presence and His guidance.  (Jeremiah 55:8-9)

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